Power of Touch

Power of Touch

Of the 5 senses – seeing, tasting, hearing, feeling, smelling; the greatest of these is touch! We feel the pressure, intention, temperature, etc. We are touchy thru the sensory corpuscles of our skin. There is an amazing reason we were created this way! The skin is the largest living organ of our body, so it makes sense that touch would be of the highest and most powerful importance.

There once was a blind man. His friends decided to take him to a great Healer, as they had heard that with a touch, their friend could be healed. When they found the Healer, they begged him to touch their friend.

This great Healer touched the blind man’s hand and lead him away from the others. Now what he did next was a little shocking; for the Healer spit in the blind man’s eyes and laying his hands on him, asked him if he could see anything. The blind man replied yes, but not very clear. So the Healer once again put his hands on the man’s eyes and his sight was restored. He could see clearly everything around him.

To the blind man, touch was very important as it was his way of connecting to the world and relationships with people. He relied on this touch to navigate thru his everyday life and circumstances.

When the Healer touched his hand, there had to be a level of trust as he leads the blind man away from his friends. Can you imagine what it must have felt like with the spit touched the man’s face and eyes? Then also to have the Healer touch his eyes with his hands and then he could see. Amazing!

Touch is so very important! So important that a whole institute of the study of touch was created to study in depth the benefits and power of touch! The Touch Research Institution was created in 1992 by Doctor Tiffany Field Ph.D. The studies, research, and findings are ongoing even now of the power of touch and the consequences of lack of touch.

The Professional Therapists and Health Coach at Touch Wellness Center, understand the importance of touch. We understand that it is important to not let just anyone touch you…. Only those with intentional healing touch.

Ok, go hug somebody today!!